~Toy Condition & Sanitization~

First things first, what does 'New, Like New and Pre-Loved mean' ?  

  • 'NEW' stands for just that New items in or out the Package.'   These are terms used to describe toys that are still in 'NEW' condition, 

  • Toys that are no longer in a package may have been taken out the box or package and been played with is LIKE NEW.

  • PRE-LOVED'  This is used to describe toys that have been played with and shows signs of wear but, are fully functional.

What does 'OPEN BOX, NEW IN BOX ' ?

  • Open Box' stands for the box was opened prior to its arrival and items may have been played with , 1or may items may have been removed or All items are included but box was opened.

  • new in box ' stands for the box was not opened prior to its arrival and all items are as they should be.


Sanitization of the Toys offered: Different toys require different cleaning methods not only to get them clean, but to keep them looking and working their best. Below, are the products we
use  how  we clean all our like New and Pre-Loved and kill germs on toys to help keep your children safe.

How often we clean toys?

  • All toys are cleaned and sanitized upon Arrival , Listing and when Shipped to customer.

~Cleaning Materials~

  • KILLS 99.9% OF VIRUSES AND BACTERIA and leaves no harsh residue.

  • SAFE TO SPRAY AROUND FOOD; Breaks down to saline solution after it kills viruses and bacteria

  • FRIENDLY CLEANING SUPPLIES; Safe to store with kids and pets nearby, no harsh fumes or odors


  • POWERFUL YET GENTLE enough for everyday use, leaves no harsh residue, just spray and let air dry

  • HEALTHIER PLAY AREAS; Sanitized chew toys, baby carrier, stroller, potty training, and car seat

  • SIMPLE INGREDIENTS, SMART SCIENCE; Free of bleach, gluten, alcohol, allergens, fragrance and ammonia.